AppSumo Review: Blogging for Startups

I picked up another AppSumo action video called “Blogging for Startups: Straightforward steps to get more traffic and conversions”. It’s a great conversation between Andrew Warner of Mixergy and Hiten Shah from KISSmetrics. These are cool dudes.

Warner runs Shah through some of the steps that KISSmetrics used to blow up their traffic and sell their analytics packages. I wasn’t too familiar with KISSmetrics before this, so I had to pull away from the video to check them out. This happened a few times; Warner or Shah would mention a product or service and I would immediately rush to check it out. All kinds of cool things that I was unaware of. Thanks!

The video itself was wildly useful: The guys talked about testing, improving conversions, and the overall value of blogging specifically for startups. Plenty of the stuff was applicable to my work, and really helped to lay out a simple, common-sense approach (indeed, straightforward steps) to a startup blog plan. They spent a bit of time talking about the relationship of infographics to traffic/conversions. Normally that would turn me off because I don’t particularly give a shit, but this changed my mind. Fascinating discussion, from the research itself all the way to hiring a designer to how to display the infographic online. Great stuff.

I’d buy it again. High marks for this video. Thanks AppSumo.

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