AppSumo Review: Uncommon Sense with Derek Sivers

I’ve only seen mentioned in one other place, so when AppSumo offered an action class of CDBaby’s founder Derek Sivers talking for 45+ minutes, I wasn’t immediately sure if I should check it out. But the description was, in typical AppSumo fashion, full of interesting tidbits, namely, how Sivers had turned a side hobby into a many-many-millions-of-dollars business and then sold out, only to bounce the money to charity and start all over again. That got me interested. I enjoy watching entrepreneurs talk about their ideas and work, especially when it’s informal and fun. Derek Sivers does all that.

He’s self-deprecating, honest, and informative. The video itself was nothing if not inspiring – Sivers has a positive, infectious attitude that led me into a hyperdrive morning of work and research. That alone made the video worth it. He has some actionable nuggets in there, too. It’s not all theory.

I’d download it again in a heartbeat. Great content from AppSumo.

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